Docendo discimus | By teaching, we learn

Besides performing on stage, teaching has been playing an important role in Krisztián Cser’s life since 2020. As a training manager teacher of the Institute for Theatre and Film in Budapest, he endeavours to pass his professional experience and versatile knowledge to the young, entrant singers within an educational training programme.

After finishing the ‘private singer’ major, students will be able to breath correctly as necessary for singing, to intone clearly, to analyse the pieces of music played in sense of structure and harmony, to create harmony between the lyrics and the piece of music, to play the age- and ability-adjusted pieces of music in a way that is faithful to the sheet music, stylish, mirrors the musical connections, segmented sensibly, and expressive, to practice in a technically and musically mindful and analytic way, and to learn pieces of music by heart individually.

Detailed information about the trainings and how to apply can be found on the website of the Institute for Theatre and Film:

Classical Musician II (private singer)

Classical Musician I (private singer)