Bluebeard's Castle | jazz arrangement

Bluebeard's Castle | jazz arrangement

2022. April03



Várkert Bazár

Bartók – Sárik: Bluebeard's Castle | jazz arrangement


Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks 2022


Bluebeard: Krisztián Cser
Judith: Adrienn Miksch
Zoltán Bubenyák – piano, organ
Sárik Péter TrioPéter Sárik – piano, Tibor Fonay – double bass, Attila Gálfi – drums
Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra Strings
Conductor: Gábor Hollerung

For over a decade, Péter Sárik and his trio have worked towards making difficult genres and composers, like jazz and Béla Bartók, more accessible for audiences. “I think it is extremely important to preserve the work of perhaps the most important composer of our country, to take it further and to introduce it to the widest possible range of listeners, who will hopefully fall in love with it. It is my conviction and experience that if we perform the works directly, informally, by breaking down the rigid forms, then we can get new, honest fans for jazz and Bartók, who will adore these treasures.” (Péter Sárik)
While Bluebeard’s Castle is a popular work on the opera stage today, many find Bartók’s piece too modern and abstract, difficult to enjoy. This work has been performed by many, in diverse interpretations, but it has not received the jazz treatment until now.